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Nuclear Initiatives

Nuclear Welding Inspection Enhanced Skills Certificate
Radiation Protection Technology Associate Degree
Health Physics Advanced Technical Certificate
Medical Imaging Systems Technology Associate Degree


Nuclear Technologies

With the expansion of the nuclear power industry in Texas and the nation, there will be an increased demand for skilled workers to both build and operate new plants. In Texas alone, four new plants are to be built, with four other plants being considered for construction in the following decade. Texas State Technical College (TSTC) Waco is uniquely positioned to provide skilled technicians and workers due to the number of technical programs available at our College. For operation of the plants, graduates from the Radiation Protection Technology/Health Physics program will provide radiation safety services for the facilities along with Instrumentation & Control (digital instumentation) technicians and Industrial Systems & Engineering graduates for maintenance and operational duties. TSTC Welding programs will provide highly skilled welders for construction phases. The Welding Department at TSTC Waco is adding new programs in Nuclear Welding Inspection. Together these programs will allow TSTC Waco to be a major supplier of skilled technicians for the nuclear power industry.

Radiation Safety

Funded by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Trade School Scholarships), the US Department of Labor (sub-award from Brazosport College) and the Texas Workforce Commission (through a sub-award from NPI/TAMU/TEES), TSTC offers scholarships for the students preparing for careers in the nuclear energy industry and partners with NPI on virtually all of its curriculum development, outreach, professional development, and training efforts. The college has established relationships with the Comanche Peak and South Texas Project nuclear plant sites as well as with the Health Physics Society, the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), and the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). Radiation Safety coursework is focused on Radiation Protection, Radiological Emergencies, Radiation Detection Measurement, Nuclear Technology (Special Topics).

An important fact about radiation safety at Texas State Technical College Waco: The campus has been continuously offering radiation protection courses since the early 1970s. This makes it one of the oldest providers of academic credentials for radiation protection technicians in the United States. TSTC alumni are working in nuclear power plants and national labs around the country and for agencies such as INPO.

Non-Destructive Testing & Nuclear Welding Inspection

TSTC is preparing students for careers in the nuclear industry with new curriculum and labs focused on non-destructive testing and nuclear welding inspection. With the funding support from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the National Science Foundation, TSTC is establishing a capstone course for a new associate's degree program in Nuclear Welding Inspection. The Welding Inspection capstone course will prepare students to handle the significant documentation challenge associated with welding inspection duties at nuclear reactor construction sites.

Digital Instrumentation

The growing demand for Digital Instrument and Control Technicians is being addressed in TSTC's Instrumentation, Controls & Robotics Department (ICR). To meet the needs of Texas nuclear power plants, existing digital instrumentation and control coursework is being adapted to prepare students for success in the nuclear power industry and ensure INPO standards are in place for relevant I&C coursework. Funds from the US Department of Labor (sub-award from Brazosport College) are also being used to establish a fully equipped ISO 9000 training lab in the department.

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